I’ve spent the last twelve years working as a news reporter on commercial radio stations. David has spent decades as a talk show host, interviewing newsmakers. Over time, it began to feel claustrophobic, bogged down by the structure and rigidity. We wanted freedom and time to tell stories and really get into the depth of a topic. It felt like we just couldn’t do that in five minute interviews or fourty second reports.


Both David and I became completely consumed by Serial in 2014 and as a result began eagerly downloading all kinds of podcasts, trying to feed our insatiable appetites for beautiful, creative radio. We felt the format was perfect for what we wanted to do. We also noticed that there was a niche in the market and were surprised when we realized that no one was telling South African stories on podcasts. This country is overflowing with incredible tales that we have come across that absolutely must be told. We want to do this in a fresh format, rich with sound and ambiance, reminiscent of a documentary.


‘Let’s start a podcast!’ we declared! So The Wireless was born, a play on an old school phrase we would often use when referring to chatting on the radio. It’s old meets news – the fundamental elements of good radio storytelling married to the new wave of digital broadcasting sweeping the world. We believe podcasts and internet radio are the future as more and more listeners choose to turn off the radios in their cars and plug in their phones instead.


We hope you love listening to the South African stories we are going to share with you on The Wireless. Please be interactive, share out work on social media, give us feedback, tell us what works and what doesn’t and also send us ideas if you have any. We want to share this adventure with you and can’t wait for the ride.


Happy listening!

Mandy Wiener